What Is Syncronome?

Have you ever tried to organise a study-group, a night out with friends or any kind of gathering/meeting with multiple people? It’s a pain isn’t it.

Today we live in an era where everyone leads multiple lives in both the virtual and real worlds. MangoSteam’s premier product, “Syncronome” (formerly “Project Metronome”), tackles the issue of juggling these disjointed lives and connects them all together to keep you harmonised.

Syncronome is an intelligent system that adapts and predicts your routine in order to become the perfect scheduling and virtual synchronising assistant. It is the lazy man’s scheduler taking the hassle out of time management.

How Does It Work?

From our experience in refining the prototype we have defined that Syncronome can be broken down in 5 distinct areas of: Record, Predict, Organise, Connect, Harmonise.

• Record: Syncronome will record your location throughout the day and how long you spend at each place.

• Predict: Having built your routine Syncronome is able to identify patterns and predict future occurrences.

• Organise: By giving Syncronome basic criteria and priorities it is able to schedule or reschedule future events automatically for you.

• Connect: 2 or more users on the Syncronome system will be able to arrange meetings based on set criteria and overlapping availability.

• Harmonise: “Syncronome Partners” will be able to take advantage of eligible location data in Syncronome and Syncronome in turn will have greater depth of data.